Claim Mr. Prabowo . Anies Highlight That a Leader is Greater Than Almost Service. He Said Power is Greater Than About Company. Power is Greater Than Concern Cash. Power Has to Do With the Honor to Exercise Individualss Sovereignty. Prabowo Appear Eager to Reply to Aniess Concern but the Moderator Declin as the Section Had Currently Conclud. Previously Prabowo and Anies Had a Warm Exchange on the Concern of Papua. Anies Stress the Requirement for Justice in Papua While Prabowo Explain the Geopolitical Aspects at Play. In Addition Anies Highlight the Truth That There is One Millennial Who Can Come to a Vicepresidential Candidate Referr to Gibran Rakabum Raka in the Political Election. He Likewise Direct Out That There.

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Z People That C Concern Marginaliz Neighborhoods and the Country but Often Deal With Violence and Suppression When Express Their Opinions and Criticiz the Feral Government. Anies Argu That This Scenario Can Not Tolerat Emphasiz the Ne for Modification. He Also Mention That the Sweden Mobile Database Policy of Regulation Ne to Maintain in Indonesia as the Present Police Typically Serves the Interests of Those in Power. He Advis the Audience of Anies Browse Through to His Home When Anies Reveal His Intention to Compete Guv of Jakarta. Prabowo Recall That Back Then They Were Political Opponents However Anies Eventually Won the Election. In Summary Dur the Argument Prabowo.

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What He Saw as an Excessive Position on Democracy. Prabowo Highlight the Significance of an Operat Democracy and Suggest That Anies Grievances Regard the State of Democracy Were Unjustifi. He Likewise Advis the Audience of Their Political Background Consist of Anies Visit to His Home When He Compet Guv of Jakarta and End His Remarks With a Playful Danc. Presidential Prospect Numr Prabowo UAE Phone Number Subianto Shar His Sight That Anies Baswans Statements on Freom Were Too Much Throughout the Presidential Dispute. Prabowo Criticiz Anies for Appear to Complain Concern the State of Freom in the Country. Throughout the Presidential Dispute Held on Tuesday Decemr Governmental.